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Minor In Posssession Cited for possessing an Alcoholic Beverage?  Wondering what the penalties are for such a benign violation?  We are Minor in Possession Defense Attorneys.  Our attorneys successfully Dismiss Minor in Possession ChargesReduce MIP Charges to Lesser Offenses and argue for Acquittal of MIP Charges in all San Diego Courthouses.

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Minor in Possession Defined

California Business & Professions Code § 25662 makes it a misdemeanor offense for a minor (defined as a person under 21 years of age) to have an Alcoholic Beverage in his/her possession in a public place.  Alcoholic beverage includes beer, wine and spirits.

It’s the simple act of Holding or Possessing the Alcoholic Beverage the law prohibits.  It’s not necessary that the minor be drinking or that they know it’s alcohol. If you’re under 21, holding a can of beer and are in a public place you can be cited for possessing alcohol.

One overlooked penalty is that a conviction (plea or found guilty at trial) results in a license suspension of 1 year. The judge has no discretion and must impose the suspension.  In some exceptional cases, even if the judge suspends your license, we can petition for a restricted license for driving to and from school or work.

Facts Government Must Prove

California’s Law on Minors Possessing Alcohol requires that the government prove:

  1. that the Defendant was Under the Age of 21 at the time of the Possession;
  2. that the Defendant Possessed an Alcoholic Beverage; and
  3. the Possession was on a Road, Public Place or Area Open to the Public.

Theories of Possession

The government will use one of 3 recognized Theories of Possession in order to try and prove the Possession Element.

  1. Actual Possession
  2. Joint Possession
  3. Constructive Possession

Penalties of an MIP Conviction

  • 1 yr Mandatory License Suspension (or delay of licensure) pursuant to Califonia Vehicle Code § 13202.5
  • Fines of $250
  • Criminal Record
  • 24 to 48 hours of Community Service

Our Attorney Advantage

A Minor-In-Possession Charge can have serious consequences.  Hiring the right attorney may be the difference between a conviction and a dismissal.  Take back the Upper Hand.  Our defense attorneys are the best in the business:

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